Yes I Passed my first Certification.

As apart of my Software Development degree, I must take certifications. My first was the CIW Site Development Associate, my nest will be the Specialist in HTML,CSS, and Javascript web development. It took me 2 tries but I got it, mainly because of my own arrogance. Now onto study for the Specialist and after that

New additions

I just uploaded more pics to the site. Just a few I took yesterday over the upcoming thunderstorm and the rainbow after it. I’ve been interested because of the look of the clouds like it’s an approaching apocalypse. Just very cool so I whipped the iPhone out to catch it and did a selfie or

Just thinking

I don’t like to post twice in one day but I had to release some of this computation energy in my head. In my life of 42 years, I have realized that sometimes you just gotta be yourself and not worry about what people think. Sometime you gotta do it even tho it makes you

Working on the site.

Since my academic progress is on hold, I’ve decided to get back into the site. I’m adding the image gallery for various pics of me and life which to most is probably boring and sad. I’ll be adding pictures and deleting some here and there just to add variety. I’ve been thinking about doing my

Welcome to the site.