More New Additions

I’ve designed to add on another passion of mine to the site. It’s what I call retro gaming. In my definition it means playing all my old console games again because after all they are just laying around looking bored. I’m sure most everybody has an old Nintendo or Sega or Atari just laying there

I passed it

Just wanted to jump on and brag about passing my latest certification, the CIW Advances HTML5 and CSS3 Specialist exam. You can see the logo on the right there. I’m pretty psyched enough tho I don’t feel all that well but I’m holding up. I did study pretty hard for it and I did go

A break from Martial Arts talk

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my visitors who celebrate it and even to those who don’t.This coming Thursday, Nov. 29 I go for my next certification which is the CIW site development specialist exam. I can’t say I’m worried. I’m probably more prepared than I think. I need a 72% to pass which isn’t

Martial Arts for Health

One of my teachers, Grandmaster Ip Chun endorses learning Wing Chun for health. In fact, if he discovers a student isn’t studying for health, he will refuse to teacher them because he thinks Wing Chun should be studied to improve one’s health and not to fight.In my own personal workout, I incorporate Wing Chun and

First Martial Arts related post.

Here is my first martial arts post. Well I started KungFu when I was 12 and I started learning it pretty much without knowing what it was I was being taught. Turns out I was taught Seven Start Praying Mantis. Actually part Mantis and part Chen Tai Chi. I didn’t know it. I wasn’t taught